About Us

My Locker Laundry is an e-commerce + dry-cleaning solutions provider.

We install hassle free electronic lockers at condominium, free of charge, to enable customers to do their dry-cleaning: business shirts, winter jackets, bed sheets etc at a highly competitive price. We integrate the utility of an omni-channel digital-offline customer interface, microservices design architecture, proprietary customer relationship management system, factory optimization management and logistics management systems among other enterprise solutions to offer the most convenient, easy and high-quality way customers do their dry-cleaning and laundry. With a proprietary locker-based laundry solution, My Locker Laundry has eliminated the two biggest problems for our customers in Singapore: inconvenience locations & inconvenience hours.

No more taking time out of your lunch break or weekends for special visits to the dry cleaners.

Do your dry cleaning whenever you like, we are open 24/7!

Free pick up and delivery included.

Our 100% Quality Guarantee
If you are not 100% satisfied with our quality, we will re-do it for you.

Meet the Executive Team

Thomas Wai

Thomas' parents are professional tailors from Hong Kong. He grew up helping his parents at their humble shop in Wan Chai after school.

Graduated with two Master degrees, he has worked in Switzerland, US, HK, China and Singapore.

He has the passion for people and excellence. He is obsessed about quality and services. At My Locker Laundry, he aims to offer quality services at the best price for his customers.

Joelle Goh

Joelle loves things that is simple and convenient. She always put her customers at heart and thinks of new ways to excite them.

As a working mother with a 2-year old daughter, she knows the importance of spending time with the loved ones.

At My Locker Laundry, she aims to provide convenience to her customers so that everyone can spend time to do things that they truly love.

My Locker Laundry

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